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Hearts of Midlothian and the Royal Botanical Garden

This weekend was welcomed after days of hard work and new beginnings. The boys started school and I officially began my studies with the University of Edinburgh.

Getting started in my research has reminded me how much I enjoy theoretical work and I feel as though it suits me well. I can sit in a library for hours and feel completely content in what I am doing. Teaching rarely allows enough time to fully form human thoughts let alone delve fully into a concept or pedagogical approach. At school, moments which is allocated for study or research undoubtedly turn into student counselling (spell-check has turned british on my computer) or dealing with unexpected, often frivolous, responsibilities that consistently arise from mid air. I am so grateful for this time and space to think and plan and find that it could not have come at a better time in my career. This week was spent designing a plan of action for my inquiry project and I am very excited to put that plan into motion.

We used this weekend to relax a bit but couldn't stay in for too long. The boys were eager to see a football team and since the Hibs were playing Dundee United (a family favorite) we chose to go to Tynecastle Stadium to see the Hearts of Midlothian beat the other team who wore white 5-0. We also spent a very chilly morning at the Royal Botanical Gardens and continued to get to know our neighborhood a bit.

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