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Everyone is home.

Hello from Massachusetts.

My and my fellow Fulbrighters' adventures have ended as the program has officially been shut down. In reality, my fellowship ended some time ago while this virus began to unfold and fear steadily arose. Schools were reluctant to host visitors and my own instinct to begin isolating kept my research to books and internet searches. While I am enormously sad that this incredible chapter in my life has come to a close, I am happy to be back home with my family during this stressful and uncertain time. I really missed my cats.

So, I'm home. and you're home – we're all home. There may be no better time to do what humans do instinctively – be creative.

Many art professionals are sharing ways for people to keep creative during this time and I will do my best to compile them for my students and their families on this page.

To my students: Please feel free to share your work with me. If I can't see you in person, the next best thing is to see what you've been up to. I look forward to the future when we will all be together again. With love, Ms. G

Virtual Museums Take a trip through a museum. Many local, national, and international museums are offering up-close views to the world's iconic artworks.  Guggenheim Museum - NYC • The Louvre - Paris, France • Norman Rockwell Museum • The National Gallery of Art • The British Museum • Smithsonian Museum • Tate Kids A visit to Claude Monet's garden at Giverny

Photography and Design Mt. Everett's digital art courses are all online – choose a lesson and have a go! The Photo-workshop is intended for beginning level photographers - check it out and share your work! Digital Photography, Advanced Digital Photography, Photo Workshop, Graphic Design FREE ADOBE!! - This is amazing. Remote Learning Lake Valley Education remote art lessons Art Prof - RISD art professor Clara Lieu has a huge array of resources for the advanced artist Art Prof provides equal access to visual arts education on a global scale, removing barriers that exist due to the cost of higher ed & private classes.

Artists and art prompts - Instagram

Fee-required (but some free) classes

Art Challenges

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