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Fulbright Forum - Cardiff, Wales

I spent this past week in Cardiff, Wales at the Fulbright Forum for all UK fellows. The forum served as an orientation for me and my fellow DAs; but for many Fulbright postgrads and scholars who have been in the UK since the summer, it was a chance to reconvene and learn more about the UK and Fulbright.

The University of Wales was a perfect host. We were treated to delicious meals, lessons in Welsh language and history, and trips to Welsh sites including Cardiff Castle, Principality Stadium, and the Senedd. A farewell Twmpath dance capped off our final evening.

The forum provided space for me to learn about all of the vital work being done by scholars, postgrads, and distinguished teachers in the UK. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. Each time I spoke to another fellow I found myself in awe of their accomplishments and goals. The UK commission has gathered a group of people doing work that is both interesting and important, and has provided them with the tools to pursue their ambitions.

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We miss you all but we’re so excited for you!! Love you 😍

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