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Please join us in creating an

Artist Video Gallery

for Berkshire County Art Students


Seeking community members to submit video demonstrations of art techniques  

Image by Dusan Kipic

Will you share your art expertise with high school students learning remotely? 


Now more than ever, teachers need to deliver content to students creatively. 


The art teachers at Mount Everett are seeking the help of professional or working artists to help us diversify our instructional material and maintain community connection in the face of social distancing. 


We are seeking short videos (1-10 minutes) featuring local artists demonstrating an art-making technique. 

These videos will be shared with our students in a “flipped” learning model, prompting them to practice the technique with the help of the classroom teacher. You will be credited in the video and images of your art will be shared with our students. Not only will you be demonstrating a technique, but through your lesson, our students will be exposed to a variety of artists in their community.

Any art technique is appreciated, though our focus in the course will be drawing using materials easily found in most homes. Videos ideally would cover classic techniques such as cross-hatching, gesture drawing, pen shading, stippling, blending, grid drawing, etc.

Please submit the form below if you are willing to provide a video demo! We would love to include you in the artist gallery. 

Sign up to provide a demo video
To ensure we aren't creating redundant videos, please let us know which drawing technique you are interested in showing our students. 
We will respond via email to give you a “go ahead!” along with instructions for the video.
Thank you so much for your time and willingness to help expose our students to a wider world of art. 

Thanks for submitting!

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